Spying on People with Guns

Fun and games


September 30, 2012 · File under Fun and games

My kids have been heavy into mazes lately, and have been making me draw them mazes by hand, so I...
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Minecraft Sign-Grinder Science

June 29, 2011 · File under Fun and games

TL;DR Design your sign-based grinder floors as 1-wide strips with 2 spaces between them. Or possibly a grid of 2x2...
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Real(ish) Drums for Guitar Hero World Tour

January 5, 2009 · File under Fun and games

I jumped through a lot of hoops to try to use my Roland V-Drums in place of the Rock Band...
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Spying on Ultima VI

January 3, 2007 · File under Fun and games

Here's the world map from Ultima 6. (Firefox only! It's a XUL app.) Click either the minimap or the map...
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October 3, 2006 · File under Fun and games

Here are some pigs running in circles.
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