Spying on People with Guns

Spying on Ultima VI

January 3, 2007 · File under Fun and games

Here's the world map from Ultima 6. (Firefox only! It's a XUL app.) Click either the minimap or the map itself to center on that point.

The python script I wrote to parse the U6 data files and turn them into JS code is about 75% clean, 25% messy. The file formats were gleaned throughout the interweb, pointers to which are in the script. Also therein is a recipe to generate the map as a single huge graphic (which you can download elsewhere anyway).

Why? I sort of got sidetracked onto this off of whatever I'd been sidetracked onto already. It's pretty cool though - it's a big map for a cool game (which is too awkward to play these days).

Incidentally, the eggs seen scattered around the map are spawn points for monsters.



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