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Apropos of nothing

Classical Music Experiement

December 14, 2022 · File under Apropos of nothing

I performed an experiment for over a month. I'm not sure when I started but from some time in September...
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May 21, 2022 · File under Apropos of nothing

Do you remember how bad tomatoes were in the 90's? I think they'd bred tomatoes to last longer in trucks...
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March 22, 2022 · File under Apropos of nothing

I had a big night with my brother last Friday, and when I got home in the wee hours I...
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Keanu Reeves

March 1, 2022 · File under Apropos of nothing

I was thinking about Keanu Reeves as I was taking my walk today. I don't know why I was thinking...
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Song Mysteries

October 31, 2021 · File under Apropos of nothing

I have several mostly long-standing song mysteries -- songs I remember hearing, want to hear again, but that I haven't...
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