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May 21, 2022 · File under Apropos of nothing

Do you remember how bad tomatoes were in the 90’s? I think they’d bred tomatoes to last longer in trucks without any regard to how they tasted. If I recall correctly, in order to make it possible to sell tomatoes all year, and survive in trucks, they would harvest them while still green and hard and flavorless. I think I remember hearing about that. Maybe there were places and situations that still had good tomatoes but they only one I knew about was growing your own.

Back in the 90’s, I used to not get tomatoes on my sandwiches and whatever because if they weren’t canned, they were bad. My wife-to-be thought I didn’t like tomatoes, but it was the opposite. I love tomatoes. Besides the fact that they weren’t worth eating in any case, I couldn’t tolerate such a travesty of what I loved so much, mealy and flavorless.

Now they’ve solved the tomato problem somehow, and you can get plenty of good ones. I’m sure there’s a podcast about it somewhere.

I started thinking about this because of an analogous situation that I forgot about while thinking about tomatoes.



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