Amazon sucks, sometimes

I buy tons of stuff from Amazon, and here’s a brief Amazonecdote. (And an Amazantidote.)

Of late, Amazon has settled on a new packing technique. It’s not a very good one. It goes like this:

  1. Pile up the items to be shipped
  2. Find a box much bigger than the pile
  3. Put the pile in the box
  4. Toss in a handful of Fill-Air bags
  5. Seal with a minimum of flimsy tape
  6. Ship it to me

I approve of the Fill-Air bags. They’re very convenient and seem environmentally decent. But this method, as practiced, doesn’t work very well.

Just recently now, I ordered a 31 lb slab of cast iron. I recieved a huge unsealed box full of Fill-Air bags. So I contacted Amazon and they shipped me a new one. I received a huge unsealed box full of Fill-Air — but with the item still in there! I saw the UPS guy carry it in – he looked pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

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