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The M. Falcon is Slow

August 8, 2007 · File under Technical argle-bargle

I'd assumed for a long time that the (real-life-chronologically) first 2 2/3 Star Wars movies didn't suck, and that made it a tragedy that the other 3 1/3 movies did suck. A while ago I realized that they all suck (example: they are called "Star Wars". That's right: "Star Wars", my friend), even if they did fire the geek's imagination, and now I feel better about it.

But anyway, I'm a geek, so sometimes I think about Star Wars and quantum mechanics, whether one sucks or both or neither.

I was contemplating on Planck units and the line where Han Solo (who shot first, btw) declares that his ship did the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, and I realized that since space and time coexist in 4 space, using the speed of light to convert units between them, then what the first-shooting smuggler was saying was that it took him more than 39 years to make the run.

And I know that others have apologized Lucas' lack of unitary understanding away long ago, I (for the purposes of this post) don't buy it.

I also know that ships go faster than light in hyperspace but the Kessel run is no doubt much longer than 39 light years.



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