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Feeding Google Talk status into Twitter

November 9, 2008 · File under Technical argle-bargle

I don't really get Twitter, or rather I only sort of do. I never got MySpace. I feel like I almost do now, but not quite. (Is it even still around?) I halfway get Facebook. I think email is great. Given all these facts you could probably calculate my exact age.

In any case, so that I can use Twitter without ever getting it, I thought my Google Talk status messages should feed into Twitter. They can and it's easy.

  1. In FriendFeed: [Share something] → [Import] → [Gmail/Google Talk]

  2. In TwitterFeed (should the site happen to be up): [Create new twitter feed] using the URL http://friendfeed.com/api/feed/user/USERNAME?format=rss Include the title only, do not include the link.



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